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Hear from some of our clients!

Testimonials: Headliner

 "I engaged Gentian Events as I undertook my independent review into events surrounding the UEFA EURO 2020 Final at Wembley Stadium commissioned by the Football Association in 2021.

The level of detail and commitment they brought to the review was first class, especially as they handled sensitive and complex matters relating to crowd safety. They completed three products that fed directly into the findings of the final report. This enabled the review team to keep the scope narrow enough to be effective but broad enough to paint the wider picture.

The impartiality, professionalism and knowledge in the field meant the review was able to identify and focus on key matters that had led to the issues that occured, as well as making strong recommendations. Eric Stuart's powerful presentation to both the media and the FA Board had a significant impact on making sure those hearing it understood the near misses that occured on the day and listened to what was required to avoid repetition. Since the publication, he has endeavoured to continue to shine a spotlight and help implement the findings across the sector. I cannot thank him enough for his considerable contribution."

The Baroness Casey of Blackstock DBE CB

Testimonials: Quote

Dr. Adam Lund, Vice-President & Medical Director, Odyssey

"I have gotten used to attending conferences, many of which present topics I have some knowledge in, which means the yield is lower. I'm thrilled to listen to a talk with a 20% 'new' take-away rate. Attending Eric's workshop was a totally inverse experience, with an 80% take-away rate for me. Even things I did know something about were seen through a new lens, and challenged me to rethink many things I thought I know about crowds, crowd safety, and the responsibilities of event management."

Superintendent Greg Horsford, Bedfordshire Police

“Eric has been instrumental in training Police Commanders, officers and members of the Special Constabulary from Bedfordshire Police in the field of spectator safety and managing events. The unique qualities and knowledge he has delivered into our force has ensured that our ability to work with partner agencies and outside industry, in delivering safe events for the public has been greatly enhanced."

Phil Weedon, Managing Director, Kelsey Media

"While Kelsey Media has been organising events for over 30 years, our most recent series of live-action shows at places like Silverstone, Donington and Santa Pod have meant we’ve really had to bolster our teams. The skills, contacts and experience on offer from Gentian Events have been a vital addition to our operations on the day. The team at Gentian are always conscientious, hard working and committed to doing the most professional job possible. Kelsey Media is delighted to be working with Gentian Events Ltd, and intend to continue that relationship for many more years to come."

Vanessa Mawer, Director, VIH Event Consultancy

"Having worked with Gentian Events Ltd on numerous occasions over many years, I place great value on their knowledge and guidance across the event planning sphere and the operational delivery of event safety. I can also say that their knowledge of, and work on, the subject of crowd movement and management is second to none."

Matt Stone, Director, AD Health and Safety

"It has been a pleasure to work with Eric for over 15 years both in the public and private sector. Eric’s extensive knowledge and practical understanding of event safety management and in particular crowd safety is second to none. Unlike some in the industry Eric has extensive first-hand experience supported by professional qualifications and is also the holder of a well-deserved Queens Policing Medal for distinguished service during the planning and delivery of London 2012."

Tim Albright, Environmental Health Officer, MCIEH, BSc(Hons) Env Health, Pg Dip, DMS

"Having worked with Gentian on events ranging from Olympic Torch Relays to large outdoor music festivals in London, I can endorse their commitment to the highest professional standards.  Gentian Events seek constant improvement, and are never satisfied with the adequate, they strive for outstanding."

Paul Budden, Owner, Wessex Safety Services

"I have had the pleasure of working with Gentian Events for a number of years in various capacities as a Crowd Safety Manager and Event Safety Manager to name just two. Eric's team are calm, professional and work well under pressure and have a fantastic ability to grasp any situation and ensure a good outcome. Eric’s planning ability is based on experience, training and knowledge which he shares with colleagues from other agencies. Despite his wealth of experience Eric prides himself on his ability to evolve to current climates and changes in the industry. No matter what the situation was, Eric would find a safe solution, his ability to calmly look and review a situation allows him to always comes up with the best solution. Eric has the skills to work across all levels and across multi agencies. He is honest, methodical and a professional through and through. He is held in high regard and very well respected in the event planning/operational family."

Tony Broad (CMIOSH),Safety Adviser, Health Safety and Wellbeing specialist, Cornwall

"I have had the pleasure to be trained by Eric several times now, and apart from being a genuinely nice guy, his professionalism and knowledge has been outstanding. His support on both a professional and personal level has been THE major factor in my decision to progress to a more academic crowd safety qualification."

Graham Dean, Community Relations and Security Manager, Costain Ltd

"As an International company of some 150 years, Costain is a a leader in its field. When we decided to hold events to raise money for our charities through, the Costain 150 challenge series, we sought external help of a company with equally high standards in event safety. Gentian Events Ltd were our chosen supplier who as well as delivering all our safety needs, mapped out and delivered all our requirements and were with us throughout the day to ensure safe delivery. If we repeated such a task, Gentian would again be our first choice supplier and we would highly recommend them as a supplier of event safety services."

Testimonials: Testimonials
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