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Gentian Events offer a full range of event services for events of all shapes and sizes.

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We offer a full service to events of all sizes, planning for the safety of your crowds in 'normal' or emergency situations.

To do so we combine Maths, Physics, Psychology and Behaviours to predict and respond to what crowds will do throughout the event in multiple circumstances. We provide staff from our team to manage more difficult events or aspects of them. 

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We can support events on a technical level. We will write and prepare all of your operational and emergency documents including risk assesments, evacuation plans, EAPs and EMPs available before your event.

Our vendor and contractor contacts mean we have the ability to source barriers, infrastructure and security.

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We provide thorough event support throughout your event planning process including being onsite during your load-in, event days and attend the follow-up debrief meetings so we can ensure the job is complete!

Detailed event reports and logs will be provided both pre and post event.

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We supply training to Emergency Services, Local Authorities, and the events industry. We cover crowd management and safety training, event safety management and how to write appropriate plans. We also deliver a realistic package of where the industry is in the current era on matters of terrorism and how to prevent or at least deal with the consequences. 

We regularly test plans through table top exercises with all agencies and by undertaking reviews of safety plans. 

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Gentian Events offer a wide range of training courses which includes crowd safety, health and safety, and planning principles.

Gentian Events offer 2-3 day Crowd Safety Workshops or alternatively choose from our "Pick & Mix Workshop".



Pick 5 topics for a 1-day course,
10 topics for a 2/3-day course

  1. Basic legal obligations of organisers including 3rd party impact on communities. Obviously covering H&S@W as well as other principle legislation

  2. A talk through of the available guidance

  3. Culpability of organisers and other agencies

  4. The role of SAGs in supporting events to be safer

  5. Basic crowd dynamics, densities and critical levels along with the impact of getting it wrong

  6. Basic site design, how easy it is to get it wrong

  7. Some basic crowd psychologies including emergency behaviours

  8. Understanding event roles: Stewards versus SIA versus volunteers (training and powers, CSAS etc)

  9. Planning principals, Risk Assessment and ALARP principles

  10. Barriers and their appropriate use (by showing inappropriate use)

  11. TDS and their dangers, what to look for

  12. Weather monitoring and severe weather impacts

  13. Cancellation considerations

  14. Contingency and Emergency Planning

  15. Evacuations 

  16. The effect of CT measures on wider event safety

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