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Whilst most of the detail remains subject to an NDA, Gentian Events is proud to share its involvement in undertaking a full safety review with significant recommendations for the spectacular Hogmanay and Torchlight celebrations held in Edinburgh each year. The majority of the important recommendations were implemented in year one after the report with the remainder becoming effective in 2017/18, at which Gentian Events contributed by providing and overseeing  the Crowd Safety team.


One of Eric's passions was to enhance safety at Notting Hill Carnival which he did from 2005 to 2011 and it is worthy of note that two of the tributes from our clients are from his Carnival days and who now work alongside the Gentian team delivering safety at Luton Carnival. The vital importance of understanding the culture of such events led to a detailed research project going back over 200 years, the history of slavery and its links to modern carnivals, a piece of work not unnoticed by the wider carnival community who showed their appreciation for the depth of work.



Eric has been working to support NaCTSO in its attempts to keep our 'crowded places' safe from terrorist attack. He has supported two pieces of recently published work since the Manchester Bombings and continues to input work related to 'Vehicle as Weapon' and 'Vehicle as a Precursor' attacks as seen in London and increasingly across Europe. This work continues behind the scenes and is an attempt to try to enhance safety in public spaces.


Director of Gentian Events Eric Stuart, was the 'Chief of Staff' and senior planner for what is now described as the biggest peacetime logistical operation for decades. From inception (he wrote the first papers in 2005) through selection of the security, motorcycle, planning and command teams, he was the only member to be engaged from start to finish of the event. An 8,000 mile, 8,000 Torchbearer and 300 staff Relay that would cross the UK for 10 weeks meant working hand in hand with partners and agencies across a vast spectrum. Deemed the 'make or break' event for the games, 14 million people witnessed this hugely successful and spectacular event unaware of the years of planning that had occurred.

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This event of up to 60,000 in a town with only 10,000 residents, can trace its history back 450 years. As such, any approach that changes traditions can be met with fierce resistance. Gentian Events are working closely through partners including Sussex Police, Lewes District Council and Select Security and Stewarding Ltd to reduce injuries caused by fireworks but more importantly, to lay the foundations of better crowd safety management to leave a legacy for this ancient but safer event.


The first meeting for this event was opened by a Police Superintendent saying 'after last year, this event will proceed over my dead body'. Lack of crowd management plans led to 15,000 Electronic Dance Music fans, somewhat worse for wear being stranded in a field, losing patience and clambering up embankments to swarm across two motorways, closing them for the night. Gentian Events were called in and after an eight month project, persuaded the licensing authority to grant a license despite objections. Crowd dynamic and psychology techniques were used along with a tactic currently used only by Gentian, to pass messages to those arriving as to the process to leave. Smart use of barriers and signage led to a smooth, 15,000 egress in just 67 minutes and all onto a fleet of 55 buses waiting to take them onward.  One of our proudest moments was the praise for Gentian Events by Sussex Police after this event.


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